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It’s a law that s ignored by motorists every day and it’s putting police and other lives at risk. In the last 6 months, we’ve had 2 troopers struck from behind, discussed Sgt. Michael Baker with the North Carolina Highway Patrol. We had 2 who were eliminated in the line of responsibility in the past 8 to 10 years. The state’s relocation over law is simple, but many motorists weren’t understand about it.

Cannon fodder Mitchell s story.

Cannon fodder Matthew Mitchell joined the North Carolina Highway Patrol in Oct. 2008. He took a seat with CBS North Carolina Investigates to share his story. You never recognize the number of individuals violate the law until something like this takes place, Mitchell said.

The scars on his head just inform part of his story.

In Sept. 2012, Mitchell had actually just stopped a driver and was releasing a citation for a stolen tag and driving without insurance coverage. I was standing on the motorist’s side window explaining the ticket and I just got hit, he recalled. I don’t remember anything after that point. Troopers say the car was traveling about 50 mph when the front passenger side of the automobile knocked into Mitchell. The impact tossed him almost 90 feet.

Paramedics hurried him to the hospital where he spent the next 12 days in a coma.

Numerous medical professionals were telling my family it’s a less than one-percent chance I’d survive, Mitchell said. They said I probably wouldn’t make it through the night I got hit and if I did make it through, I’d be a vegetable.

Mitchell showed them incorrect.

I woke up and saw all these people around me and my other half came and informed me what took place. She didn’t truly understand how to tell me but she informed me and I understood, Mitchell described. Mitchell stated the driver informed cannon fodders she had a lot on her mind and simply didn’t see him or his flashing blue lights. He had a long road to healing. Mitchell described. I’ve got them on my face, all over my body really.

A disregarded law.

It is simply one mishap that highlights a law that’s broken all the time. I didn’t understand how many individuals break the relocation over law, stated Mitchell.

General Statue 20-157 needs motorists to move over or slow down for law enforcement or any other civil service automobile working within 12 feet of the side of the roadway, with indication lights on.

If you re on a four-lane highway, motorists are needed to move to the inner most lane of that highway, Baker explained. If you re on a two-lane, roadway you’re supposed to come to either a total stop, go left of center, or decrease your speed. In April, two NCDOT employees were struck by a motorist who was later on accused of violating the move over law.

Cops said Darrick Bridges, 44, was struck and pinned in between the vehicle and an NCDOT truck. Kelly Lewis, 46, was struck by the car and overturned a highway guardrail. CBS North Carolina made stop along Interstate 40 with Baker to see just how typically motorists break the move over law. We saw infraction after offense.

It’s hair-raising enough standing next to vehicles flying past at speeds upwards of 70 miles per hour, however there’s a lot more police have to consider while making a stop.

They’re not just considering getting meeting by a vehicle weighing 3,500-80,000 lbs., but likewise about the lawbreaker in the vehicle, any travelers, and exactly what they’re going to do, stated Baker.

It’s also why many drivers get away with breaching the law.

CBS North Carolina Investigates pulled the numbers and found that in 2014 only 2,800 people were charged with breaching the relocation over law throughout the entire state.

The penalties.

Breaking the move over law is punishable by a $250 fine plus court expenses.
Violating the move over law and destructive property or triggering injury doubles the fine to $500 and is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Violating the move over law and triggering major injury or death is a Class 1 felony. You can likewise have your license suspended for as much as 6 months.

But here’s the catch.

I dare to state 9 from 10 people I’ve stopped for move over violation state, Trooper, I didn’t know it was the law, stated Baker.


It’s the reason Mitchell shares his story.

Individuals state, You re fortunate! Luck had absolutely nothing to do with it, simply the Lord above. I m a miracle, said Mitchell. Mitchell eventually went back to work with a new gratitude for life and a brand-new message for all drivers.

It’s real important to slow down, pay attention until you safely manage. I put on to want anyone to have to go through what I went through and exactly what my household went through by simply a negligent act of not focusing, Mitchell stated.

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